Read ‘Em And Weep

Read ‘Em And Weep

The second Surf City Mystery

From the journals of T. R. Macdonald:

I was sort of hiding from two guys who either thought we were in business together or who wanted to kill me.

“Sort of hiding” because I could have left town and been relatively safe, but Las Vegas, NV, has so many wonderful things to see and do that I decided to go to a topless rollerskating show instead.

“Sort of hiding” because I was fairly sure that the guys in question would take Door Number Two and try to shoot me, a lot.

Why me? I’m T. R. Macdonald, a sort-of unemployed broker/analyst from the boutique—we handle a small number of very rich clients—firm of Fields, Smith, and Barkman. My sort-of girlfriend, Kandi, had asked me to go to Vegas to see if we could talk to her cousin Chet, because she thinks his adoptive father, Dr. Woodrow Shaw, may be nuts. Are you getting all this? There will be a quiz. Dr. Shaw asked me to go, too, and he offered to pay.

It sounded like easy money.

So I went.

I must be nuts.

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